The Shade Tree Project is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization seeking to improve the lives of Mozambicans with albinism through a holistic participatory approach of empowerment, education, and improved health.


What We've Achieved in our First Year

  • Mozambicans with albinism have produced over 600 jars of 30 SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen made with all-natural fair-trade African sourced materials.

  • We distributed over 250 jars of sunscreen during our education campaign of community meetings and in-home visits.

  • We formed strategic partnerships with local and provincial government agencies and non-profit organizations.

  • We produced an 8-page Guide to Teaching Students with Albinism to help make inclusive classrooms, reduce prejudice, and help students with albinism succeed in school.

  • Our activist lead workshops in schools to help demystify albinism.

  • We trained people with albinism and their families to becomes activists and educators in their communities.

  • We started conducting a demographic and public health survey of the albinism community so their needs can be better served.

  • We worked with hospital, clinics, and health posts to ensure people with albinism receive free and adequate health care.

  • .We ran a bi-lingual radio campaign promoting sun safety and to encourage people with albinism to visit the doctor.